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*Tutoring Mentorship and Entrepreneurial program's trip to Indianapolis Black Expo*

#ITSTARTSWITHME'S Tutoring, Mentorship and Entrepreneurial program was created by I Am Garvey to assist our youth and community with moderate to high risk youths aged 12-18 from the Southeast side of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

We feel this is the best opportunity for our children to achieve in school, at home and spark the entrepreneurial bug within them.

Our funding is for a year long program with 50 youths but we didn't budget taking children to the Indianapolis Black Expo.


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We are seeking assistance to take 10 children and 5 chaperones to the Indianapolis Black Expo on July 20-22 for an educational experience, entrepreneurial opportunity for training, fundraising and fun.

We are seeking help to acquire:

*15 passenger van for 3 days $500

*5 hotel rooms or 2 Airbnb homes for 3 days $900

Food and Entertainment $700

Totaling : $2100

Would you like to help us encourage the next CEOs and business owners of the future?

If so, please click the donation button below and any amount is much appreciated.

For more information, email us or leave a message

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