I Am Garvey Unity Day

We invited the community out to Pizza Hut and the Mad Ants G-League game.

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I Am Garvey’s Youth Program, Sweetwater, One Nation Athletics, YMCA, Freeman’s Clean Sweep, Attorney Robert Bellinger, and many from our community contributed to help with our Flint, Michigan Water Drive. We took over 100,000 bottles of water and intend to take more.

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Day of Peace

I Am Garvey’s #ITSTARTSWITHME Day of Peace (organized by our Vice President Roderick Parker) to give homicide victims’ families a fun night of food, bowling and a Komet’s hockey game.

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I Am Garvey Inc.

mission is to
produce the biopic, I AM GARVEY
and to create a variety of
educational, social and cultural
programs to teach
community-building and
self-sufficiency principles and
practices that will allow us to feed,
clothe, employ and empower



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